About us

About Aiori

Aiori (eye-or-ee)

At Aiori, we are all about timeless and modern pierce-free jewellery. Whether you're looking for something for a special occasion or for everyday wear, we have the largest collection of clip on earrings, ear cuffs, and pierce-free jewellery for all your needs.

We are a female-owned Canadian brand, located in Toronto, Ontario.

Aiori (eye-or-ee) means 'Love my Light' and is derived from ài (爱, love) and Ori (My Light). 

Our Mission

We believe everyone deserves to own beautiful jewellery that are perfect for them. We focus on beauty & self-love, comfort, and inclusivity.

From Our Founder

founder of aiori

I founded Aiori because I have always struggled to find clip-on earrings that fit both my style and my ears. I wanted to build a community to support one another to look and feel our best.

Growing up, my mother always complimented me on my ear lobes. In Chinese culture, full ear lobes are auspicious signs that brought you luck. Piercing ear lobes like this would actually be getting rid of your luck so I never got a piercing (as much as I loved the look). There were also never any good options for clip-on earrings that were comfortable or not geared towards young kids. I hope you'll love our collection of pierce-free jewellery as much as I do and I'm so excited to hear the stories from all our members. 

- Andrea Wong, CEO/Founder