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The 6 types of Brides and perfect clip-on earrings for them!

The 6 types of Brides and perfect clip-on earrings for them!

What Type of Bride are you?

Almost every person will eventually think about what their "dream wedding" would look like. What's the colour scheme? What kind of venue are you looking for? Next it's the cake flavour, flower arrangements, table settings, food, the list goes on. Eventually you get to the next big question you have for yourself...

What will you wear?

Whether you choose to go with a dress, a pantsuit/tuxedo, or a traditional wedding garment, it's a big question you have to answer. According to, there are 6 different types of brides - romantic, traditional/classic, boho, modern, glamorous and non-traditional. Which one are you? It's all in the details!


Described as soft, whimsical and feminine. There isn't a specific silhouette or waistline when it comes to a romantic bride style. Think of air-light tulle, flowy chiffon, intricate lace and 3d appliques. 

Here are our recommendations for a romantic bride:

Featuring our Adriene Pearl Clip On Earrings in Silver.

Featuring our Madeline Clip On Earrings.


The traditional bride wants their dress to be in fashion now and years from now. Details such as lace, a long veil and something flattering to the silhouette. Something classic, understated and timeless.

Here are our recommendations for a traditional/classic bride:

Featuring our Eleanor Clip On Earrings.

Featuring our Cascade Chandelier Clip On Earrings.

Bohemian (Boho)

There's an effortless and carefree beauty and vibe to a bohemian bride. The environment and your accessories blend in the theme and essence of a boho wedding. Details such as delicate beading, sequins, lace, or some sort of a sheer element tie in the look of a boho bride. Maybe a simple sheath, bell sleeves, fringe or an a-line, as long as your outfit isn't constricting, but is flowy and free. 

Here are our recommendations for a boho bride:

Featuring our Addison Clip On Earrings.

Featuring our Harper Stud Clip On Earrings in Silver.


The modern bride's dress will feature clean lines and unfussy fabrics. Think Meghan Markle's Stella McCartney Reception Dress. Effortlessly stylish, sleek, sophisticated and cool. The same can be said for the accompanying jewelry. 

Here are our recommendations for a modern bride:

Featuring our Scarlett Clip On Earrings.

Featuring our Sophia Clip On Earrings.


A glamorous bride is exactly what the title suggests; think a hollywood starlet. Dramatic silhouettes, sparkly beading, feathers, anything with a special pizzazz you're not bound to forget anytime soon. Details like long trains/veils, capes, or ballgowns are some more examples of what a glamorous bride might wear. 

Here are our recommendations for a glamorous bride:

Featuring our Evelyn Clip On Earrings.

Featuring our Layla Clip On Earrings.


Literally anything outside of the realm of the classic white wedding dress (excluding cultural garments such as an ao dai, bindalli, qipao, lehenga, etc) but more like a jumpsuit, tuxedo, a coloured gown. There are no limitations as long as you feel confident and happy!

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