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How to Wear an Ear Cuff

How to Wear an Ear Cuff

Whether this is your first time trying on an ear cuff or you’re trying to find a way to have your ear cuffs fit better on your ear, here are some tips and tricks to wearing your ear cuff.

Putting on the ear cuff

  1. Find the thinnest section of the cartilage along the ear and slip the opening of the ear cuff around it. Often times, it is the middle section of the ear or the upper portion of the ear
  2. If you’re having trouble, use a mirror to help you locate the thin section of the ear and the opening of the cuff
  3. If the opening of the cuff is too small, gently pull apart the sides of the ear cuff to create a larger opening
  4. Slide the cuff to the position where it feels the most secure
  5. To take off the ear cuff, simply slide it back to the thinnest section and gently pull it off the ear

Adjusting the ear cuff

For cartilage ear cuffs, the ear cuff should fit comfortably along the rim of the ear without pinching it. It is too tight if you find it pinching your ear. It is too loose if you find it slipping off the ear. For lobe ear cuffs, there is usually a padded mosquito coil to help hold the earring in place. To adjust the ear cuff, gently pinch the sides of the ear cuff to tighten the ear cuff or gently pull apart the sides of the ear cuff to loosen the ear cuff.

Since each ear is slightly different, you may find that some ear cuffs fit better in different parts of the ear than in the modelled product photos. That’s okay! You are creating a unique look that is most suited for your ear.

How to Style

The great thing about ear cuffs is that they can be styled in so many different ways. You can have multiples of the same ear cuff for a symmetrical look on both ears or have different ear cuffs on either ear. If you’re looking to layer the ear, you can pair your ear cuffs with some clip-on earrings or stack several different ear cuffs on the same ear. We wrote an entire blog post on stacking ear cuffs and earrings that you can read up on.

As always, if you’re having trouble with any of your ear cuffs, please reach out to our Customer Support team and they will be happy to help troubleshoot any issues you are having!

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