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FAQ - Your most commonly asked questions answered here!

1) What types of clip on earrings are there?

Screw-back Clip On

These types of earrings are great since the tightness can be adjusted for your comfort. You can open the hinge on the back of the earrings and fasten it onto your ear. You can use the screw to tighten or loosen the earrings depending on the thickness of your ear lobe.

Clip on Earring with Padding

These are your classic clip styles that open up to clip on your ear. There are rubber paddings that can be added or removed depending on your preference. We recommend keeping on the rubber padding for extra comfort.

Ear Cuffs

Depending on the style, you can place the ear cuff on where it sits most comfortably, usually on the edges of the ear or in the middle. This could be on the conch or at the top of the ear where the helix is. You can tighten the ear cuff by gently squeezing the sides once it is on the ear.

Mosquito Coil

Similar an ear cuff, you wear this style by simply sliding the piece onto the ear. You can tighten the earring for a more secure hold by gently squeezing the sides once it is on the ear.

Sliding Spring Earrings

Sliding spring allow the back of the earring to slide back so that it can spring forward to the right size for your ear. It is the most adjustable form of the clip on earrings.

Invisible Resin

This extremely light and hidden style is perfect for most ears. Gently open the clasp by pulling the closure back gently without overextending and clip it onto the thinnest part of the ear.

2) Does it hurt to wear clip on earrings?

Wearing clip on earrings do not have to hurt! If you are experiencing pain with clip on earrings, it is usually due to either the wrong tension on the clip or wrong clip on selection for your ear. Sometimes it may take some trials to find the right style and tension for your ear lobes. If you ever have any issues with choosing the right one, you can always reach out to our customer support team ( for help!

3) Do the clip-on earrings stay on?

Our clip-on earrings closure styles ensure a good hold without hurting throughout the day. Read our guide to our different types of clip-on earring closures to find the one most suitable for your ear. Certain styles have an automatic adjusting mechanism such as the sliding spring, and some adjustable mechanisms need to be done manually such as the screw-back closure, ear cuffs, or mosquito coil. You can read more about how
to manually adjust your clip-on earrings here. 

4) How do I know which closure type is right for my ear?

We have developed several guides to help you find the right closure type for your ear. Our team is also always available to help provide some recommendations! Reach out to our customer support team at

5) Which earrings are right for me if I have a metal allergic reaction?

For your metal allergy, it is important to differentiate if you have the allergic reaction from previous metals with piercings or if you get a reaction with metal on other parts of your skin (eg. with rings, necklaces). Most commonly people who experience an allergic reaction with metals from a previous piercing do not get the same issue with clip-on earrings despite being in contact with the metal. This is because clip-on earrings rest on the surface of the skin (similar to a ring or a necklace) and not through a piercing hole. However, if you have an allergic reaction to a certain type of metal, it would be best to avoid the metal altogether. If you are unsure, please consult a medical professional first.

6) Are your earrings allergen free?

All our earrings are nickel-free (a common allergen) but we have gold-plated or stainless steel options too in some styles.

7) How do I care for my jewelry?

Here are our tips on caring for your jewelry pieces to ensure it stays looking beautiful:

• Keep your jewelry pieces away from water, lotions, creams, perfume, sweat, and other liquids. If your piece gets wet, wipe it dry.

• Avoid swimming, bathing or showering with jewelry on

8) Why is my discount code not working?

Please note our discount codes do not apply to products that are on sale, sets, or gift cards. Please also make sure the discount code is not expired. If you have questions, please reach out to our customer support team at


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